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Event Name:Sociodrama Workshop in Birmingham
Date(s):Sat. 17th November - Sun. 18th November
Times:9:30-6:30 Saturday, 9:30-4:30 Sunday
Location:Woodbridge House, Moseley, Birmingham
9 Woodbridge Rd., Moseley, Birmingham B13 8EH
B13 8EH (Click For Map)

Sociodrama workshop in Birmingham, hosted by the Birmingham Institute for Psychodrama and facilitated by Valerie Monti Holland and John Wenger.

Title of the workshop: 'Intractable Problems: Making the Unmanageable Manageable.'

Who is it for? This workshop is suitable for people who are new to sociodrama and also to people who are experienced in sociodrama. No previous experience of drama is required.

Description: When faced with what appears to be an unending stream of events, tasks or problems that threaten to defeat us, we can forget that everything we need is around us. When we gather and marshal collective wisdom, we can use sociodrama to help us understand other perspectives, soften hard feelings and see things in new ways. Sourcing trust and resilience, we can create better options for the present and future, giving us hope.

About the facilitators:

Valerie Monti Holland is a facilitator, trainer, mentor and coach. She is a registered sociodrama trainer with the British Psychodrama Association. Following her M.A. in Applied Theatre and a diploma in Sociodrama and Action Methods, Valerie has developed a portfolio of work across the public, private and voluntary sectors in the UK, USA and Europe. Her workshops use dynamic methods to enable greater team cohesion, candid communication and embodied leadership development. Valerie lives on the edge of the Peak district where she cycles, runs, walks and does yoga.

John Wenger is a psychotherapist, trainer, facilitator and coach. He has applied sociodrama and psychodrama for over 15 years in large and small organisations, in therapeutic and non-therapeutic settings, in New Zealand and the UK. He is passionate about Morenian methods and their power to change the world. He brings to his work an endless curiosity around how humans learn and change, and is interested in how humans can co-create joyful, life-giving ways of being with each other.

Clark Baim, Senior Trainer with the Birmingham Institute for Psychodrama, will assist throughout the workshop.

Fee includes lunches and tea / coffee breaks, but not accommodation or other meals.

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